Monday, April 6, 2009

Podcast archived: "Who's fat? Who's healthy" and "On black folks selling out"

Last night's podcast was a short one (less than 15 minutes) and covered two topics: our culture's fat-phobia and inability to discuss health apart from dieting, and the idea of approved ideological behavior for blackness.

Listen using the player at right or on the show page.

As promised in the show:

Link to Kate Harding's BMI project

Link to James Hannaham's review of "Sellout: The Politics of Racial Betrayal

Discuss the episode here.


Monica Roberts said...

Should have called in ;)

MacDaddy said...

Good stuff, Tami. I'm going to make sure I check out the next one. By the way, I'm doing a "Poet You Should Know" series this week. It will highlight lesser-known and well-known African American poets.

I started on Sunday with Wanda Coleman. Today, it's Margaret Walker. I hope you and your followers get a chance to drop by. Blessings.


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