Thursday, June 25, 2009

The burns

Mark Sanford on President Bill Clinton's affair:

This is "very damaging stuff," Sanford declared at one point, when details
of Clinton's conduct became known. "I think it would be much better for the
country and for him personally (to resign)... I come from the business side," he
said. "If you had a chairman or president in the business world facing these
allegations, he'd be gone."

Explaining his decision to back impeachment articles against Clinton, he
added, "I think what he did in this matter was reprehensible... I feel very
comfortable with my vote."

Mark Sanford on former House speaker-to-be Bob Livingston (R), upon learning of the Congressman's affair:

Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., said he would be "struggling" during Christmas over
whether to support Livingston, even though the speaker-designate had not broken
the law. "We as a party want to hold ourselves to high standards, period,"
Sanford said.

But one House Republican, Mark Sanford, said: "The bottom
line is that he lied under a different oath -the oath to his wife."

Mark Sanford on gay marriage:

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Yes, the sanctity of marriage must be protected from "the gays," not...say...presidents who get Oval Office BJs, senators with wide stances or governors with escort services on speed dial or round-trip tickets to Argentina.

Mark Sanford equivocating, name dropping, invoking the Lord and admitting to cheating on his wife:

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Anonymous said...

Wow Tami, these guys just amaze me.
But really, this sort of thing dates back to the very beginnings of the republic. I am in the middle of an incredible book called "The Hemingses of Montecello" by Annette Gordon-Reed.
It's about the sexual slavery of black women, the incredible hypocracy of white male slave owners, and the entire scary report on white male power in 18th century America. God, Tami, to read a black woman write about Thomas Jefferson is so stunning, I couldn't even finish the book in time to get it back to the library.
I'm going to use my Mom and Dad's birthday money to get it on Amazon.
What was my point? Sanford... they live compartmentalized lies, and to me this is the very soul of patriarchy. It defies female imagination to watch these guys.
Thanks for your support of gay and lesbian people. I know sometimes we are not the most popular group in America, but it sure helps to know you have friends out there!!


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