Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Farai, less Kanye, please

Professional megalomaniac Kanye West has a new book out, but don't think that means he cottons to readin' 'n' shit. West opines:

"Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed," West said. "I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book's autograph.

"I am a proud non-reader of books. I like to get information from doing stuff like actually talking to people and living real life," he said.

West, a college dropout, said being a non-reader was helpful when he wrote his book because it gave him "a childlike purity." Read more...

Eager for more wisdom from a man who disdains literacy but really digs "mutts" as video girls (Oh yeah, that's a real quote from His Royal Kanyeness: "If it wasn't for race mixing there'd be no video girls. Me and most of our friends like mutts a lot. Yeah, in the hood they call 'em mutts".)? Then you should pick up West's new tome: "Thank You and You're Welcome."

His book is 52 pages -- some blank, others with just a few words -- and offers his optimistic philosophy on life. One two-page section reads, "Life is 5% what happens and 95% how you react!" Another page reads "I hate the word hate!"

"This is a collection of thoughts and theories," West, 31, said in an interview about his spiral-bound volume, which was written with J. Sakiya Sandifer.

West said he put his thoughts in a book because "I get paraphrased and misquoted all the time." He calls his wisdom "Kanye-isms."

Um....yeah...I think I'm gonna save my money. Something tells me that I can live without additional Kanye-isms. And I hope that all those young folks who look up to Mr. West (Shudder), especially the African-American ones who so need good education to even a still-unequal playing field, will pay more attention to the dude's beats than his life wisdom.

On a related note, for those of us not put off by books that "be so wordy," the brilliant Farai Chideya has a new book out--a novel called "Kiss the Sky." I downloaded it to my Kindle last night. It's about a black female rock star, so you know I am all over it. Rock music. Farai Chideya. New book. Kindle. Aahhh...I have almost washed the taste of Kanye's ignorance from my mouth!

Hear Chideya discuss her latest book.


Monica Roberts said...

I think him late mother, Dr. Donda West would have a different opinion about the importance of reading.

PPR_Scribe said...

I definitely be readin Farai's book n shit n not Ye's.

eccentricyoruba said...

Farai's book does look interesting. i'm definitely checking it out however i wonder if Kanye's book really should be called a 'book'.

Kia said...

I'd lost track of Farai since News and Notes was cancelled, thanks for the info about her book.

And I'm 100% certain that my 6 year old daughter's novel "The Scream off Darkness" is far superior to Kanye's.

Craig Boone said...

As a near-fanatical proponent of literacy, it sickens me that the kind of tripe that Kanye is pushing actually makes it out into the marketplace. I really...and I mean REALLY...don't like the fact that we are equating celebrity with the ability to excel in ANY art. Honestly, it's just downright offensive to those of us that work so hard to perfect our craft. Regardless, I'll always choose intellect over money (which must be why all I have in front of me is these $1.00 generic oatmeal cookies and a glass of water).

Anonymous said...

Another rapper another idiot. Is it the money and fame? Must be.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure his mother is rolling in her grave right now. He's a buffoon.

Anonymous said...

This is the same syndrome as gay haters who turn out to be gay. Kanye career is based largely on being a college hater, anti- intellectual. So now it would ruin his image to go back and finish college so he must hate on all things intellectual.

I am sure his mother was proud of him, but she knew there were some things that money can't replace. I think he knows it too.


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