Monday, June 22, 2009

New podcast archived: Natural hair

For yesterday's podcast, I had a great time talking natural hair with Yardley Messeroux of The Coil Review, plus Renee from Womanist Musings dropped by to share her insights. What could be better?

Hear it.

There's great stuff on The Coil Review right now, but don't miss the magazine's relaunch on July 1. Also, be sure to visit these other informative natural hair sites:

Motown Girl
Curly Nikki


Sassy J said...

I enjoyed the show on yesterday! I went to the Coil Review while listening to the show, and I had a good time browsing around. Question for Yardly, and I think she mentioned it on the show, but do salons/stylist contact you to be listed in the directory? One of the items I walked away from on the website was the recipes! I tried the egg and olive oil mix. Luckily for me, I use brown eggs, so I didn't have an icky, yokey smell in my hair. I think I will use this regiment at least once a month so my hair can get used to it.

In response to Renee's incident about hair in the workplace...first, that broke my heart. I'm experiencing something similiar to that in my work environment. To set the scene, I work (and graduate student) in the College of Business at an East Coast HBCU. Okay, my department hosted a fashion show for the school. We had an outside group come in and supply the clothing and because most of the students weren't intersted in this, they also supplied the male models. One of the models was a man with beautiful, well-maintained locs about mid-way of his back. In the outfits that he wore, he looked very professional and put together. My boss, the Chair, gave the Dean a copy of the video of the fashion. We were having a reception when the Chair asked the Dean if he liked the video. He gave a blanket "yes" and kept it moving. I left shortly and when my boss came back to our office, she told me that, in fact, the Dean did not like the video and he wanted it re-done to take out the man with the locs. He did not feel that that was an image he wanted to protray in the College of Business. I was APPALLED! Here I am with locs down to my behind and I am very professional in the workplace. The Dean obviously could not say this in front of me. Now, I don't know if he has an idea of what a professional male looks like and locs are not it, but damn!

I told my boss that a few years ago, Hampton University was imposing restrictions on either current or prospective students that "natural hairstyles" were not acceptable in the College/School of Business...coincidentally, my Dean and the folks at Hampton are his mentors...

I have such a hard time with this. I am so sick and tired of 1)black folks having to comprise our culture and 2)black folks keeping each other down--for the sake of preparing for the "real" read "white" world. I just don't get it! Because restrictions are not being imposed on other people groups for, say, their names or dress.

Great show!

Tami said...

Thanks, Sassy J!

Yardley says that some salong/stylists do contact her to be listed in the directory, but that she throroughly rsearches each potential addition before it goes on the sire.

Renee said...

Unfortunately I can so relate to the situation that you speak of. Part of the issue I think is that white people have become so accustomed to seeing our hair straightened they have no idea the cost that it really comes at. We further treat this as one big family secret and attempt to shame those that will not conform to eurocentric beauty standards. We should never have to struggle to be who we are.

@Tammy once again you had a great topic yesterday. I love your show and the issues that you discuss. Even when I don't call know that I am often listening and nodding my head.

Esther Crane said...

The show was a great success! It was really great and informative.


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