Friday, June 19, 2009

Podcast this Sunday: Talking Natural Hair

Join me this Sunday, June 21, at 4 p.m. ET, for the next episode of The Best of What Tami Said. This week, I'm chatting with Yardley Messeroux, founder of the online natural hair magazine, The Coil Review, which is relaunching with exciting new features on July 1. Yardley will give us a sneak preview on what's coming up in the new Coil Review, plus we'll talk hair politics, style, natural hair journeys, parenting and natural hair and more.

Listen live.

Call in at (646) 716-4672.

Yardley is a wonderful resource for anyone currently rocking a natural head or thinking about transitioning. She has researched the topic for 10 years and is currently studying the science of the hair and scalp at a prestigous institution based in Australia.

Don't miss this weekend's show!

The Coil Review Re Launch from Tricia (T. Mezz) Messeroux on Vimeo.


Julia said...

Sounds terrific, Tami. I've posted a link on my blog, and will be sure to listen in myself...

jazine said...

I'm looking forward to hearing the podcast this Sunday. Their website looks great. I love the movie preview. That had me cracking up!

Sassy J said...

OMG! I loved it! You know I will be there, Tami!


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