Thursday, July 9, 2009

Introducing: Bad Juju

Quick...what do a lot of progressive blogs have in common (despite liberal idealogy). That's right--kittehs and puppehs! Even Daily Kos takes time out from raging against the machine to coo over the cute and furry. It occurred to me that I hadn't ever introduced readers to my menagerie of crazy pets. bonafides are in danger! So, this is the first post of three introducing readers to my four-legged family members.

Name: Bad Juju (aka "The Juj" or "Protest Kitty")

Age: 3

Profile: Bad Juju is the baddest cat in the Midwest. He runs thangs. When I first spotted him at the Humane Society, Juju was lounging spread eagle on the bed in his cage, while his brothers and sisters were forced to ball up all together in the corner sans soft bedding. The workers there had named him Mufasa--the king of the pride. Bad Juju is an alpha cat all the way. He earned the nickname "Protest Kitty" because unlike most cats who can be shooed away easily, The Juj holds his ground. If I, say, want to sit on my own safa and watch TV, but Juju is already there, rather than submit to my gentle attempts to scoot him over, Juju will dig in. If I am insistent, he will become dead weight like a G8 protestor faced with cops in riot gear. (Juju shall not be moved!)
Even though I am the one who rescued him, Juju has a bizarre attachment to my husband. (The ingratitude!) They are best buds. Juju follows Mr. What Tami Said around the house like a dog and cries when he can't get to him. They play this game where Juju stalks and attacks my husband's hand, followed by general roughhousing. (Boys...whatevs!)

Hobbies: Running wildly about the house; leaping at invisible intruders on the wall (Juju can catch some serious air! He's like the Michael Jordan of cats.); lying on the couch next to Mr. What Tami Said, paw on his knee; waiting for the dog to come around the corner and ambushing him (Note from Juju: Ha! Stupid dog!); playing in/drinking the dogs water; trying to convince Raja, my older female cat, to love him (Note from Juju: If she'd quit running and get to know me, she'd be enthralled by my awesomeness. Everybody loves Bad Juju!)


RMJ said...

He looks like my kitty Thurgood. Who is also in charge of everything, especially our other cat August. Thurgood makes friends with everyone he meets (except for skinks and spiders) and August hides from them.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the introduction to Bad JuJu--and it's a GREAT name for him! I love Alpha cats and he sounds like a super alpha!

Sassy J said...

Ca-UTE! I don't *do* kittens!

I have been thinking about getting a little dog to keep me company...them damn ASPCA commercials and Animal Cops get me every time!

PureGracefulTree said...

Yay, now What Tami Said has one more of my "awesome blog" criteria covered! :)

Nice to meet you, Bad Juju!

gooblyglob said...

Juju is seriously the cutest name and that cat knows it!

Renee said...

Gotta say he is awfully cute and I love his name.

Jodi said...

I found your blog on Juju quite by google-accident, and just wanted to say how much I like how you think and how you write. I'll look for more.
We're a pet-less social justice household (does this make us weird?) and I'm especially a sucker for cat anything.


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