Thursday, September 10, 2009

Women have the numbers. Why don't we have the power?

American women are the majority of voters, 80 percent of consumers, the majority of graduates of colleges, professional and graduate programs, and the driving force of entrepreneurship.

Those are impressive numbers.
And yet the wage gap persists, only a handful of women are on corporate boards or in corner offices--no matter the field or profession, women business owners still face unnecessary obstacles, Congress is only 16 percent women, and quality affordable and accessible childcare--concerns that most affect mothers--are still only a dream for most.

I'm awaiting a review copy of Linda Tarr-Whelan's upcoming book, Women Lead the Way. If you're unfamiliar with Tarr-Whelan...She was ambassador to the UN commission on the status of women in the Clinton administration, deputy assistant to President Jimmy Carter for women’s concerns, and was named one of the 50 most powerful women in Washington by Ladies Home Journal. She was also promptly fired from her first day of work as a RN after failing to stand when a male doctor entered the room (hard to believe but true).

According to promotional materials for Women Lead the Way:
[Tarr-Whelan] has developed a solution to how women and men alike can create effective 21st century leadership, that emphasizes women’s strengths of collaboration, communication and consensus. Her key? The “30% Solution,” the tipping point where women’s leadership can make the kind of real change that gets better government and business outcomes.

I'll share my thoughts on the book once I have a chance to review it. In the meantime...think you know where women stand? Test how much you know about women's progress below. (Hope you do better than I did. I only got two out of six right!)


The New Black Woman said...

I got three out of six correct, which means I need to do more research.

Anyway, the book sounds like it'll be enlightening. I'm also going to read it.

Satsuma said...

We really have to get serious about what we are dealing with here! Male supremacy women! Patriarchal conditioning to make women "love" their servitude.
The reason women fall so far behind in all these things, is that we do so many things for free.
The nuclear hetero family is designed to get women on the "free' track. Every hour of childcare and housework, is an hour taken away from getting women out of the free zone.
I notice so many women defending men, and NOT standing up to them.
Judith Butler, in her book "Feminism Matters" said that women have been paid 50-75% of what men make for over 700 years. We think we get progress with activism and then push the number to 75%, but then there is a set back-after WWII, women were kicked out the well paying war jobs, and went back to 50%.
We need to be aware of the long term statistical issues for women over 700 years, and women simply need to stop doing things for free.
I want all straight women to stop men in their tracks the minute they make a sexist comment, rather than sit there in silence the way they almost always do.
They sit in silence and let men get away with degrading women's comments, and I wonder, why do straight women tolerate these idiots?
Little things like this.
If you are raising children, you are raising the next generation of patriarchs. We need to really get this. Things won't change at all as long as women persistently keep doing the same things they have always done. A child birth strike?

Only got 2 out of 6 questions, but hey over $500,000 is close to $440,000 :-)


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