Saturday, January 17, 2009

What other people are saying

Pastor Rick Warren is trying to cozy up to African American clergy, but in her post, "Lend Me Your Anointing," Rev. Dr. Renita Weems sets him straight:

This is the same Warren who is in need of some public legitimacy and affirmation from the African American faith community and others, because of what his record and words said he believed in, before the Obama presidential election. Now that we are in the Post-Obama presidential election era, the chameleon is in a constant state of change as he calls for support to fulfill his ministry of reconciliation.

And the net has been cast to see how many African American clergy can be caught for the journey. Read more...

Over at Womanist Musings, Renee's post "Negotiating White Spaces" is brilliant in its truth and frustration:

From the moment we leave our mothers womb we begin the journey of negotiating whiteness. For some our lives will depend on ensuring that we are perceived as posing no threat, and for others the chance to live a middle class lifestyle will depend on our ability to pass as the mystical Negro, even as the role causes bile to rise from our stomachs.

Whiteness fiercely guards the spaces that it has come to rule over. Like a jealous lover it watches over us awaiting a betrayal that is sure to come. How can we be faithful to that which we despise? We are a colonized people, held hostage for the benefit of those that use the words equality, humanity, and shared responsibility with a dishonest and malicious tongue.

To negotiate whiteness is to understand that self preservation means withholding your rage, swallowing bitter tears in times of pain, and making something out of the remnants that are offered. Should you have the courage to challenge the status quo it means isolation and derision.

Even as I write this, I find my thoughts turning to those that complain about being forced to use "PC speech". They feel disciplined and controlled because in certain circles they must consider the experience of others before they speak, and yet for people of colour, the minute we leave our homes, every action and every word is a constant negotiation. If we are facing more than one site of oppression: like ability, or sexuality, the prejudices may over lap in such a way that a safe space truly exists nowhere. Read more...

I thought the diary, "Not a Pretty Girl," on Daily Kos was searingly frank, not only highlighting bigotry against the transagendered, but also highlighting how disgust at the physicality of transwomen is rooted in sexism against all women--the sexism that narrowly defines how women should look.

She arose silently from her bed and walked to the bathroom. She stopped to stare at herself in the mirror.

Sh was old. Sometimes she wondered how that had happen, but she had been aware that she was not aging all that gracefully for quite a few years. Daily stress can do that to a person.

So can 44 years of being on testosterone.

Now, even 17 years later, the effects of that were still there in the face that looked back.. Nothing was going to undo that...except maybe thousands of dollars of facial reconstruction. That was money she would never have. So she made do with the rationalization that she hadn't wanted to stop recognizing herself anyway.

And nothing was going to change the fact that she was 6'4" tall. Read more...

And for a bonus, "Not a Pretty Girl" by Ani DiFranco


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