Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Join Political Voices of Women for a live-blogging discussion of journalism, blogging and social media

9 p.m. EST, Thursday, March 5, here on What Tami Said
Now that a number of prominent newspapers like the Philadelphia Inquirer and Rocky Mountain News have either declared bankruptcy or announced that they are shutting down, there has been a backlash in main stream media against the blogosphere, micro-blogging sites like Twitter and, other forms of social media. 

A few interesting articles/posts that appeared over the weekend included:

Chicagoland's "
Come Back to Tell You All ...." 

and the New York Times' 
What Are You Doing? Media Twitterers Can't Stop Typing in which Meet the Press' David Gregory referred to Twitter as a "marketing tool."

The Twitter bashing became particularly intense last Friday when MSNBC's Contessa Brewer and Carlos Watson spent most of their afternoon segment making jokes about "tweeting" and Bill Maher devoted his closing monologue to blaming Twitter and the blogosphere for the demise of "real journalism."

After conducting a quick poll of a few fellow bloggers and Twitter contacts, Pam at Pam's Coffee Conversation detected a healthy interest in holding a live blog discussion on the journalistic merits of blogging and social media. 

The discussion is being sponsored by
The Political Voices of Women Blog.  

Confirmed Panelists include:

Jill Miller Zimon of "
Writes Like She Talks", who is co-producing this event
Marcia G. Yerman of
The Huffington Post
Joanne Bamberger of PunditMom
Tami Winfrey Harris of What Tami Said

Deb Della Plana  of Turn Left on
Cynthia Samuels of Cobblestone Associates and Don't Gel Too Soon

Other invitees include:

Greg Palast, New York Times best-selling author and BBC journalist
Simon Owens of Bloggasm
Allan Goldstein aka Snark Twain of
Tracy Visselli of Reno and Its Discontents
Allyson Kaplan of WomenWhoTech
Jeff Rosenberg of The Twin Cities Daily Liberal
and a few others.

Topics will include:
  • Is there  Journalistic Value in Blogging and Social Media?
  • Was it the Blogosphere or Media Consolidation that lead to the decline of print media?
  • Which serves as a better upholder of "the Fourth Estate", the blogosphere or the main stream media?
  • Why is the main stream media attempting to demean the role of the blogosphere and social media?

Plan to add your voice to the discussion.


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