Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sigh...Are Negroes still on that good hair, light eyes BS in 2009

I suppose You Tube thought I would enjoy this video, because it features the always-fun B. Scott. Well, as happy as I am to see this online star get a bit of the big time, I am decidedly NOT happy about TV One a) breaking women (and men) down to spare parts to make an uber-Hollywood Frankenstein's monster, and b) seeming to traffic in old guidelines about what is beautiful. (Note the hair and eyes segments.)

Also, note to TV One, IMHO, LL Cool J's lip licking is gross. Guys who do that give me the willies.

Oh, and, as long as we're being shallow, any list of beautiful people that does not include Idris Elba? No list at all. Humph!


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