Friday, May 15, 2009

Old School Friday: Greatest of all time

It's been a while since I've done an Old School Friday post, so here goes...

This week's theme is "greatest of all time." Here are some of my favorites:

Greatest R&B singer of all time--Come on, who else? Luther Vandross. Damn, I miss Luther!

Greatest sweet-voiced singer of all time--Karen Carpenter. I love Karen Carpenter's voice. It's so pretty and soulful (soulful, not in the Aretha way, but in the way that it seems like you she is feeling a song.)Another great loss to music.

Greatest 80s guitar riff of all time--Johnny Marr's jangling on The Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?"

Greatest girl group of all time--Destiny's who? The Supremes, of course.

Read my thoughts on the Double X dust up at the Guardian's Comment is Free

I have another article up at the Guardian's Comment is Free site. This one covers the kerfuffle over Double X, Slate's new online magazine for women:
I was prepared to hate Double X. See, I read about Slate's new online magazine for women before I read it. The site, spawn of the now defunct Slate blog XX Factor, has sparked a load of controversy in the feminist blogosphere. It's no wonder. Since it launched on Tuesday, Double X has posted a succession of articles aggressively critical of feminism. In fact, on the day of the site's premiere, writer Linda Hirshman penned a finger-wagging piece blasting the popular third-wave feminist blog, Jezebel, for encouraging young women in promiscuity and reckless boozing. Read more...


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