Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Urban Grocery Gap: Killing Us Softly

Check out my latest post on Change.org:
On Saturday afternoons when I go grocery shopping, I can find affordable, fresh food at five different, well-stocked grocery stores — all within five minutes of my home. That doesn't include the options at the town's weekend farmer's market, either. It's wonderful.

But it also makes me think back to my experience living in a predominately black neighborhood on Chicago's South Side, before I moved to this overwhelmingly white town of less than 30,000. And I wonder: Why should access to good food be so much easier in a place with barely the population of few big city blocks? Read more...

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M and M said...

Tami, this is a timely article for our family as we've been talking about (and being critical of) Michael Pollen's work. Our dinner talbe (my college aged daughters, high school son, and a regular table guest who is a 22 year old Latino) are very critical of how to get the "good food" movement to the urban poor who CANNOT afford the fresh good food. Literally. The friend's comments are very potent as he witnesses his grandmother feeding 8 people every day on a very limited budget. Fresh veges are limited. It's been a great and ongoing conversation. This piece fits right in. Thank you. You have some new young fans :-)


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