Monday, June 21, 2010

Talking "True Blood" at Merlotte's - Episode 1

As promised, Renee of Womanist Musings and I sat down yesterday to talk about episode one, season three of "True Blood." We'll be recording live at 4 p.m. ET, every Sunday. Join us for our particular brand of "True Blood" discussion through the lens of race, class and gender. Send your comments about the show or the podcast to

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Show notes:

Melissa's analysis of "True Blood" on Shakesville


Anonymous said...

I listened to your blogtalk recording for TrueBlood. I thought it was intersting as far as the discussion of stereotypes goes and identifying them. But I had hoped to hear more on the reasons for the stereotypes and why they are important for the writer to stick to. I enjoyed listening to the recaps also. I have some agreement on it. Such as the situation with Tara and Adelle, I think her name is. Where she and Tara have a fight. Tara calls her a trailer trash bitch then she goes on to say the bit about slavery. I thought that was a far leap. But it was as if she was responding either insult for insult. Or as if she felt that the trailer trash statement tied into a racial attack so she went there. Or as if she was trying to say Tara was generally a miserable person for this reason and it has nothing to do with her. Which is the joke that some white people pass off to say "blacks" are just angry, unstable people. The first episode gave me that feeling when Tara was terribly upset about Eggs. She gets into this large fight with Sookie. Tara throws her to the ground and proceeds to hit her. For me, it was Sookie's prior lack of compassion that gave the writer justification for her to respond this way to act that way. It was wrong and an interruption needed to take place. But Sookie's behavior continued to be like a person distant, uncaring and arrogant as she told Lafayette, "Get her out of here! WTH? Was he the help or something??? Then he beckons like a modern day servant. Yes'em. I is right on it! OMG! But I also went back and looked at an old episode of TrueBlood with Tara where she and Sookie had an argument. In the heat of the argument, Sookie just told her to get out. As if she was commanding her like she was a stray dog or something. Also, Tara's tone was ridiculous. Ain't too much yelling at me you're gonna do right in may face or calling me a bitch before we come to blows. Black women totally get that. And black women in my generation, well my friends do not argue at me that way. We have a code of respect between each other. I mention this because there is almost a belief there that black people are just hostile people so you have to handle them hostily. Anyway their interaction seemed off. I don't believe friends that care about each other act that way. Although some of the younger generation kinda does things some kind of different. Maybe if one were to watch an episode of Martin, where he put everyone out when he was angry then maybe you'd see that. Martin, is however a comedy on tv. I would expect a drama/action show to be a little different.

ortsed said...

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