Sunday, July 11, 2010

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Brown bodies = suburban sexy times
Self-described "dissident feminist" Camille Paglia thinks that the American middle class is anxious, uptight and undersexed.

In a recent New York Times op-ed, Paglia declares that the popularity of medical libido boosters is proof of America's "sexual malaise." (Because, apparently, consumers are never encouraged to become hooked on drugs they don't really need.)

Except Paglia isn't talking about all of America here. She's talking about the middle class — specifically, the white middle class.

So whom can Joe and Jane Suburbia look to for an example of how to bring sexy back? Brown people. With our pulsing, rhythmic music, Far Eastern sexual mysticism and big, round asses, you just know we're doin' it all the time. Yeah. Seriously. Read more...

Harris Neck, loss and reparations
As I type this post, I am looking out over my land. Well, "land" makes my modest suburban acre — including house and yard — sound more grand than it actually is. Nevertheless, this little plot we own is an important part of my family's lifestyle and the centerpiece of our wealth (such as it is).

There is value in land — power that goes beyond just money. So it should come as no surprise that American history is littered with stories about people of color being denied access to land by theft, violence or governmental maneuvering.

In fact, some families are still fighting to regain valuable land lost generations ago.

Just ask the Harris Neck Land Trust, which represents a group of African-American families (and some white families, as well) who are battling to return to what is now a wildlife preserve in Georgia. According to a recent New York Times article, Harris Neck was deeded by a plantation owner to a former slave in 1865. Black families settled there and built a community that was "too independent for the comfort of McIntosh County’s whites." Generations later during World War II, when federal officials were looking for a place to site an Air Force base, they selected Harris Neck, and families living there were summarily pushed out — with the promise, some residents remember, that they'd be able to return after the war.

That didn't happen. Blacks were left and given a mere $26.90 per acre for what they lost; whites received $37.31. After the war concluded, a wildlife refuge was eventually established. Read more...


Kelly Hogaboom said...

(I tried to comment on but my comment doesn't seem to be posting).

Very good post. I have nothing to add except how can any self-identified feminist worth his/her salt not know any basics on exotification, cultural appropriation, and the harmful history of oversexing those "animalistic" and unrestrained brown people?* (interested readers can start with Dr. Pilgrim's excellent essays). And if this person doesn't demonstrate any of this and is published anyway in the NYT, I guess it shows you how much work the higher-ups have done too in this regard (hint: none).

* Yeah, I know, actually lots of self-identified feminist commit these Fails and that's one reason why so many woc identify as womanist.

Anonymous said...

I know you won't print this but I'm saying it anyway Tami you are FULL OF IT WITH A CAPITAL S!! How DARE you watch and give ratings to a show like 'Ture Blod' all the while noting the racism,MISOGYNY,and white women's tears crap! I capitalized that word because it really behooves me how black women like you can be all up in arms over rappers but stay SILENT when it comes to misogyny and seixm from white performers and entertainers. Not that I would find this show the LEAST bit entertaining judging from the criticism you heap while continuing to watch well way to perpetuate and contribute to the VERY thing you bitch about Tami. Please white male directors,writers,producers,and the executives who give them so much leeway are JUST as guilty of misogyny as rappers yet they are NEVER criticized or have their feet held to the fire. Especially by black women even when a BLACK WOMAN is being treated like crap on your favorite show WHAT THE F**K?!! Either you hypocrites and phonies need to call out EVERYBODY and stop supporting their perversion or you need to just shut the F--K up!!!

Tami said...


As you apparently are aware I have written about the race, gender and sexuality bias problems on True Blood here and in several places. Meanwhile, I haven't written anything about rap or rap music in a long time. At any rate, neither have anything to do with these posts. Please don't derail. You're trolling.

Carolyn Moon said...

Tell them Tami!!!


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