Saturday, November 27, 2010

Four Women

Jill Scott, Ledisi, Kelly Price and Marsha Abrosius sing Nina:



Oh Tami...I love this thanks. Jill Scott & Kelly Price are my favorite singers and the others were very good. I must say my generation will always honor Nina Simone's version as untouchable! It's wonderful that the "young ones" are paying homage to Nina. God rest her soul!
This is absolutely joy to my heart..

Tami said...


I got to see Nina Simone at The Chicago Theatre on what I think was her last tour. She was phenomenal!

ywcasap said...

Now, this was a great piece of performance art intermingled with the clips of phenonmenal black women. There will never be another Nina, and it's good to see the contemporary artists appreciating and paying homage to her. I have never heard of Marsha Abrosius, so thanks for the introduction to her! Robin Tillotson


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