Thursday, December 30, 2010

Music Thursday: My Daddy's record collection

When I was growing up, downstairs in the family room of our home, was my dad's record collection. Mind you, I don't recall my dad ever having time to listen to records. I don't recall him ever having a record player. Music was the kids' domain. The records seemed to me like some relic from a parent's mysterious youth.

The records were good, too. Classics. It was through my father's collection that I discovered Aretha, Nat King Cole, the Supremes, The Stylistics, The Spinners, The Chi-Lites, some great Broadway soundtracks and a really blue Redd Foxx album that left my ears burning. I'm thankful I was a nosy kid and got an introduction to good music through my dad's old records. I wish I still had them, but Daddy claims my mother threw them away in a house cleaning frenzy.

Anyway, I can reminisce...

The Stylistics - "You Make Me Feel Brand New"

I was always confused by this one record--The Supreme's "A Bit of Liverpool." The Supremes singing The Beatles. Wha?

The Chi-Lites - "Have You Seen Her"

Aretha Franklin - "I Say A Little Prayer"

"I Got Plenty of Nothin" from "Porgy and Bess"


nora said...

I love that you do Music Thursdays - I always check in to see what is playing. I think there is probably some really interesting background on the writing and producing of Porgy and Bess - I think, essentially its a response to Anything Goes by Cole Porter.

Jazzie Casas said...

Dads make their kids the prioritizing factor in every decision they make. They make sure that nothing and nobody takes precedence over their children. If needs be, they give up careers, homes, and dreams to be where there child is. They do it, and they do it at any cost.

Proud to be a Single Dad


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