Friday, May 7, 2010

Companies ban "extreme" blackness

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My hair is a testament to my African heritage. It is naturally big, fluffy, kinky and curly. There is no hope of subduing my tresses into a sleek ponytail. And without spending considerable time and money and risking damage to my hair, I simply cannot achieve the styles most white women wear every day. And that is okay, yes?

What my highly-textured hair does lend itself to are chunky afros and twists and cornrows and dreadlocks. While these styles may be different from those worn by naturally straight-haired women, they are not deficient. Kinky hair gathered into an afro puff and worn with a well-appointed suit is no less professional than straight hair gathered into a bun. Or is it? Recently, it was reported that two black women were denied employment with a Maryland Six Flags amusement park because their dreadlocks, labeled an "extreme" hairstyle, violated the company's grooming policy.

And sadly, Six Flags' policy is not uncommon; nor is prejudice against black, natural hair — particularly for women. Read more...


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