Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What other people are saying

Latoya at Racialicious "On being feminism's 'Ms. Nigga'"

Miz Jenkins at Persephone Magazine "African-American History X: MizJenkins, Jezebel and the Banning of Black Thought"

Sparky at Womanist Musings "Can something be homophobic and funny?"

Crunk Feminist Collective "On Watoto from the Nile--Letter to Lil Wayne"

Melissa at Shakesville "This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day"

Elizabeth Tamny at The Extender: "Yes, There is a Closet"

Chicago Breaking News "Library of the Future: Wi-Fi, Flat Screens, Automated Book Sorting"

What are some of the best posts and articles you've read this week? Leave your links in the comments. Self-promotion highly encouraged.


Kelly Hogaboom said...

I also enjoyed Latoya's piece.

Hm, in no particular order:

"The Perfect Body, As Illustrated By Olympic Athletes"

"The Bizarre World of the Bisexual" from MisterSharp

"Dial-A-Llama". Because sometimes you have to have one STAT

"Mate magnet madness: When the range of possible explanations exceeds your own hypothesis" by Professor Kate Clancy (punching holes in evo-psych b.s.)

And of course (making the rounds a lot this week), the IWD PSA featuring Daniel Craig & Dame Judi Dench

Finally: a how-to for the fabled ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCINO from Zoolander!

Renee said...

I for one will always take the opportunity to blog whore. Thanks Tami.

International Woman's Day: Why Are we Celebrating?: Questioning whether or not the day has turned into a gender additive, in the same way that Black History month as become a racial additive.

White Children are too Delicate and Black Children are Forced to Pretend to be Slaves: Looking at an issue where a Black child was forced to pretend to be a slave and comparing that to a recent upset because a white child was shown the movie, The Middle Passage.

Hypocrisy Thy Name is PeTA: As Heinous as Mike Tyson is, being subject to racism by PeTA is not acceptable.


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