Thursday, April 14, 2011

Music Thursday: Women who rock edition

Inspired by Wednesday's Oprah Winfrey Show featuring female icons of rock, I thought I'd make that the focus of this week's music Thursday. Maybe this will erase the memory of great ladies like Joan Jett and Pat Benatar sharing their spotlight with Avril Lavigne and Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus. As @crazygemini said on Twitter last night:
Someone needs to take one of Oprah's Emmys as punishment for that nonsense.
Just kidding, Oprah Winfrey...Just kidding.

But seriously, is it just me, or are women who have achieved success in music asked to partner up with lessers and up-and-comers more often than their male counterparts? It's like the entertainment industry thinks these mature women need the shine of a hot young thing to make them relevant. Did you see that fuckery that was Stevie Nicks having to sing back up to Taylor Swift at...What was it?...the 2010 Grammys? Come on! That's not right!

I know that Bob Dylan did that performance with The Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons at this year's  Grammys, but at least those groups are legitimate heirs to Dylan's folk career. Avril Lavigne is no damned Pat Benatar. And Miley Cyrus sure as hell is no Joan Jett. You know what would have been awesome? Beth Ditto and Pat Benatar singing "Fire and Ice." But, you know what? Until Bob Dylan performs "Don't Think Twice" with Justin Bieber, I'd like to see a moratorium on women rockers being asked to share the stage with Disney stars.

Stevie Nicks, "Leather and Lace"

Pat Benatar, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

Heart, "Barracuda"

Joan Jett, "Cherry Bomb"

Sheryl Crow, "Strong Enough"

Sheryl Crow dueted with Stevie Nicks on the Oprah show and that's cool. I like Sheryl Crow, though I generally like grittier voices. This is my favorite Sheryl Crow song (She has sung this song with Nicks before). On the show, both women, who are friends, weighed in on what it is like finding a male partner in a society where women aren't supposed to be the ones with the money, power and fame. It takes a really strong man.

And the Grande Dame of women who rock...

Tina Turner, "Proud Mary"


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