Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music Thursday: iPod shuffle edition

So, I wasn't struck with a good Music Thursday theme this week, so I decided to toss order and genre to the wind and let the shuffle setting on my iPod guide me. Now, you understand this is a dangerous approach. My musical tastes are varied. My husband (the jazz snob) often argues that "taste" has nothing to do with it (as in, when it comes to music, I have none). I have way too much music to fit into 16G and so what shuffles up on my MP3 player is less a reflection of my entire musical collection than it is the result of the mood I'm in and the particular playlists and genres and albums and artists I selected before syncing.

What I'm saying is, if this little experiment yields some guilty secrets in the form of Barry Manilow, Lady Gaga or misogynist rock or rap, don't judge me.



1. "They Reminisce Over You" by Pete Rock and C. L. Smooth

Phfew! So far, so good. This is my all-time favorite hip hop song. Love the flow and the iconic horn.

2. "Winter Winds" by Mumford and Sons

Not much to say about Mumford and Sons. A friend of mine, a fan of the group, let me borrow their album and I uploaded it this morning. Save what the group performed on the Grammys last weekend, this is the first song of theirs I've heard. I don't hate it. (But I am over the sketchy facial hair trend. Can someone make these indie bands stop it.)

3. "Never Forget You" by "Noisettes"

Shamefully, I discovered this band because I coveted lead singer Shingai Shoniwa's hair. I became a fan because of the Noisettes cool retro pop.

4. "Standing in the Way of Control" by Gossip

Beth Ditto rocks!


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