Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Music Thursday: Don't Stop Believin' edition

I am of the unshakable belief that there is one thing with the power to bring all Americans together--no matter their race, age, sexuality, economic situation, geographic location or ability. That thing is long-haired, tight-trousered, 80s stadium rock band Journey. No, hear me out...

Have you ever known a person who couldn't (sheepishly) belt out the chorus to "Don't Stop Believin'" or "Open Arms?" I've got die-hard, soul music-loving friends who would sooner die than have their radio dial rest on a classic rock station, and I know if I snoop around their cars a little, I'll find a Journey Greatest Hits CD. Bet money. It's happened before.

There is something just so damned infectious and enjoyable about a Journey song--something that makes you want to squint your eyes, hold one hand to the sky and sing cheesetastic lyrics at the top of your lungs:

Just a small town girl,
living in a lonely world
She took a midnight train going anywhere
Just a city boy,
born and raised in South Detroit
He took a midnight train going anywhere


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