Monday, March 21, 2011

I call shenanigans on fat people on bus = unsafe reports

Americans may have moved on from the shark attack and child snatching epidemic memes, but the idea that overweight people are bringing on the Apocalypse persists. Today in "Oh noes, fatties!" news:
We’ve all heard the risks and dangers associated with America’s ever-expanded waistlines.  Well, here’s another one to add to the list: Our fatness is making public buses unsafe. Read more...
I'm sorry...fatness is making buses unsafe? I must be the only person who has flown down Lake Shore Drive at 60 mph on a CTA bus, back press against the front door of a packed end-to-end articulated bus, holding on for dear life. In my experience, drivers pack city buses full of as many commuters as possible. What are these 150 pounds-per-passenger federal guidelines folks are speaking of?

The Federal Transit Authority is indeed increasing per-passenger weight guidelines, as well as examining increasing standard bus sizes, because people are getting bigger. But the alarmist media coverage that accompanies that fact is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, despite our fat asses, American life expectancy has risen and death rates have decreased.

Photo Credit: geraldbrazell


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