Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music Thursday: 70s baby edition

Some of the first music that got me wiggling and singing was kid's music-- mostly the songs that accompanied my favorite TV shows. Back in the olden days of bell bottoms and avocado-colored kitchens, kids television meant one thing (mostly)--PBS. (Damn kids today and their fancy Nickelodeon and Disney Channel!)

I remember watching the Zoom cast below and thinking they were big kids--like almost adult. But they're just babies. Zoom and Sesame Street began my lifelong desire to move to the East Coast. I wanted a cool accent. (Remember that Sesame Street short where a cartoon kid went to the corner store to buy "a stick of buttah"? I wanted to talk like that.) Plus East Coast neighborhoods looked so vibrant--all kinds of languages being spoken and those brick front stoops. No one in my Midwestern 'burb had a stoop like that, where you could while away the day speaking Spanish with your neighbor, Luis, before strolling down the block to hang out with your friends the giant yellow bird and the woolly mammoth.


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