Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Big Chop

I never intended to "big chop." When I decided to go natural, I planned on a long transition from permed hair to kinky. I was afraid of losing my length--a quality we are taught is so important to femininity. I was afraid of appearing fat without a mass of hair contouring my naturally full face. I was afraid I would hate it...that my husband would hate it...that my family and friends would hate it. I was afraid of being ugly. Though I was committed to naturalness, I hadn't yet let go of all the ugly messages about my unstraightened hair, absorbed over a lifetime.

But at the salon, barely 10 weeks on from my last relaxer, my stylist got real with me. Since I am not a weave type of girl, there was no easy, healthy and stylish way to transition my super, super thick mane from straight to curly. Already the difference in texture and mass was great and hard to manage. "Girl, just cut it off. It's hard, but that's what I did," she said. I eyed her gorgeous locks, took and deep breath and said, "Do it!"

And it was freeing. Also, damned cute. I stopped by Target on the way home from the Salon and picked up a ton of fun, chunky earrings. And like the woman in the video above I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn't stop looking at myself. I loved it!

I haven't met a woman who didn't agonize, at least a little, over the big chop. But I've never met a woman who didn't love it once it was done either.

(video found via Black Girl with Long Hair)


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