Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music Thursday: Akron blues rock edition

In June, I'm going to see The Black Keys for the second time in a year. (Tami Trivia: What is the only other musical act I have seen in concert more than once? Answer: Rick Springfield. Shut up! I was a tween.) I've always been a fan of blues-influenced rock and I've been seriously digging this group for a minute.

This week, I've been watching the videos of The Black Keys Blakroc project--their collaboration with hip hop artists like Mos Def and Billy Danze. Check them out on You Tube. There are about eight, I think, featuring different artists. I love seeing how musicians collaborate behind-the-scenes to make an album. And the music? Fire!

Of course, The Black Keys have blown up with their most recent album, "Brothers," which is amazing. My favorite song--"Too Afraid to Love You."

Another of my top Black Keys tracks is "Your Touch" from "Magic Potion."

Somewhere online (I couldn't find it this morning for anything) is a free download of a kick-ass mashup of "Brothers" with Big Boi's "Chico Dusty" album. It's called "The Brothers of Chico Dusty" by Wick-It The Instigator. It's definitely worth the search.


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