Thursday, May 19, 2011

No, Joan Walsh, racial criticism does not equal "identity politics"

Hmmm...I'm just digesting Joan Walsh's analysis of the Cornel West v. President Obama controversy. Now, I think West's attack on Obama was petty, personal and, perhaps worst of all, an example of destructive policing of blackness from within. So, I was with Walsh until she went here:
But there's a way in which this whole controversy looks like progressives devouring their own tail. From the left, West attacks Obama for not being black enough; I've written about being attacked as a clueless, entitled white progressive for criticizing Obama; in a pro-West backlash, black Obama supporters are being dismissed as "elitist" fronts for white liberals and that half-white guy in the White House. It's crazy. Read more...
Whoa...whoa...whoa there, Joan! In her article, Walsh goes from pointing out the silliness of "not black enough" charges to using West's foolishness to imply that analysis of political opinion through the lens of race and other identities is without merit--particularly when leveled at, well, Joan Walsh.

Music Thursday: Bridesmaids edition

Earlier this week, in my review of Bridesmaids, I mentioned that not only was the movie sorta kick ass, so was the soundtrack, which I snapped up the evening after seeing the film. Here are three of my favorite cuts:

Nouvelle Vague, "Blister in the Sun"

Oh, this song takes me back to college days. Of course, back in the late 80s, we were rocking out to the Violent Femmes version. The French musical collective's take on "Blister" smooths out its aggressive edges and gives it a whole new feel.

Ryan Adams, "Answering Bell"

I think this song has a definite Van Morrison-y feel. For some reason, it makes me think of "Brown Eyed Girl," another sweet and soulful song.

Wanda Jackson, "Shakin' All Over"

If you haven't seen "The Sweet Lady with a Nasty Voice," the documentary about rock pioneer, Wanda Jackson, you really should.


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