Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Am I paranoid or is old school sexism back in style

Am I paranoid?

It's okay to tell me that I am. In fact, I wish that you would. I would like to believe that I am simply paranoid and that there isn't a growing anti-woman trend in our society. Not that sexism ever disappeared as an issue, but there seems to be something particularly regressive afoot.

First, there is the state-by-state creep of anti-choice, anti-women's health legislation and associated attacks on Planned Parenthood. And then, when the Institute of Medicine recommended that birth control be available to women free of charge as preventative care, people balked, most notably Bill O'Reilly, who thinks a significant number of women become pregnant when they are "blasted out of their minds."

The idea that female sexuality is wrong and that women who are sexual are "loose" and irresponsible has always been around, but I don't recall when it has been so naked (no pun intended) in my adult lifetime. That worries me.

And then today I stumbled across this Good Morning America report, thanks to Jezebel:


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