Tuesday, November 8, 2011

They think we don't see

Today, Mississippi voters will weigh in on Initiative 26, the so-called Personhood Amendment. If this radical initiative passes, it could effectively outlaw abortion in the state, as well as abolish some common forms of birth control. It seems inconceivable that women are in this place. During the 2008 elections, women were steps from the presidential and vice-presidential spots in government. Yet, three years later, American women are facing dangerous attacks on their access to reproductive healthcare.Without the ability to govern our bodies, to keep them healthy and to decide when and if we use them for childbearing, women are less likely to be secretaries of state or governors. Without the ability to govern our bodies, we are not free.

But those who would deny poor women access to healthcare in Indiana or impose their (non-scientific) view of when life beings on women in Mississippi care less about freedom than holding fast to the reins of their privilege  in order to impede social progress. They want to keep women in our "place." And they are betting women, who make up more than half of the electorate, don't notice.


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