Thursday, December 15, 2011

I want an unfunky Yuletide

I publish this post every year, cause it's as true now as it was when I wrote in the early days of this blog. Normally, I'm down with uncut funk (big ups to Parliament). But not at Christmas time. I don't want my carols funked up or rocked out or any of that, as I explain in my annual holiday reposting...


I like my Christmas and my carols classic.

Today, my nieces and nephew came over and we made gingerbread houses and decorated my tree while listening to holiday tunes--classic tunes. I mean real classic, like from before I was born or when I was a little Tami. I'm talking Nat King Cole and Burl Ives classic, with maybe a smidge of Donny Hathaway. I don't want my carols funked up. I don't want to hear any multi-octave melismas, no rapping breakdown. The Nutcracker, A Rat Pack Christmas and Carpenters Christmas Portrait have been in heavy rotation on my iPod this week.

Yeah, I said the Carpenters, and I'm not ashamed. Karen Carpenter has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard and I love to hear her sing Merry Christmas, Darling. Speaking of beautiful voices, I love David Bowie's voice on Little Drummer Boy below. He sounds so sweet, not his usual freaky self. This is my all-time favorite version of the song.


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