Monday, February 20, 2012

Read my article in the new issue of Ms. Magazine!

I have always wanted to be a writer. And since I was a wee Tami, I have been an avid magazine reader. Back in the day, I kept copies of Seventeen and Tiger Beat and Rolling Stone in a overflowing wicker basket in my room, and once I had consumed the month's teen and music pubs, I would dig into the copies of Time, Ebony, National Geographic, Crisis and other publications that came regularly to the house. I was a magazine obsessive in a house full of magazines. I adored the glossiness; the fun of cracking open a pristine publication for the first time; and the ability to discover new areas of interest in a feature article. My dream was to one day see my name in one of those magazines.

In journalism school, all students had to choose a focus of study. I chose "Magazines." But, two years in, worried that my chosen concentration wasn't practical, I switched to something else. The resulting career has been fulfilling and fun, challenging and rewarding. But I never let go of my ultimate dream. Every time I pick up a magazine--And that is often, because I still love them.--I wish the same wish I have been wishing for more than 30 years.

So, that's a long preamble to illustrate how excited I am to have my first ever piece published in a consumer print magazine. I have an article in the new issue of Ms. Magazine! The article, titled "Singled Out," explores why the media is obsessed with the marital statuses of black women.

Please support me, and Ms., by grabbing the latest copy at a newsstand near you.


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