Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Sexism makes me hate Betty Draper" and other musings on Mad Men

Squee! Season five of Mad Men premieres this Sunday, March 25, at 9 pm ET. Will I be giddily watching with my Twitter account at one hand and a celebratory Brandy Alexander in the other? Why, yes, I will be. Matthew Weiner, you've made me wait far too long!

In honor of the best show on television's return, I thought I'd dig up some of my Mad Men-inspired posts from the past few years. You also may want to take AMC's "Which Mad Man Are You?" quiz to get in the mood for the weekend's festivities. Turns out, I'm Joan Holloway. Nyah, nyah. Are you envious? Yes, you most certainly are.

Mad about Mad Men (Can't Anyone Just be Racist Anymore?)

Hey, Brian McGreevy, Vampire Pam Beats Don Draper Any Day

Mad Men--The Good, The Bad and The Prejudiced

Mad Men and Society's Race Problem

Sexism Makes me Hate Betty Draper

Sex, Women's Agency and Peggy Olson


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