Monday, April 9, 2012

Dawn Watch - Week 2 (Notes on Mad Men's accidental affirmative action hire)

Mild spoiler ahead.

Last week I worried that Don Draper's new secretary, Dawn, would be mere window dressing--a black face to signal the changing times. But in the April 8 episode of Mad Men we learned more about Dawn. She has a brother, who wants to enlist in the Army, and a mom, who worries about sending her boy to fight in Vietnam. She has been secretly sleeping in the Sterling Cooper Draper Price offices on late nights, because cabs won't take her "north of 96th St." into Harlem and, given the civil unrest in 1966, her mother worries about her taking the subway. She's happy as a member of the secretarial pool and has no desire be the black Peggy Olson.


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